Monday, March 06, 2006

The formal (not test) welcome to Literary Debacle!

Hey guys, welcome to Literary Debacle! Thanks for busting out the interest in this this weekend. I'm not gonna gab much, I just wanted to share a couple of reccomendations for how we might proceed with things. These aren't really rules, but just think about them and work with or around them if you want.

I imagine us doing two things with this blog: Read / Draw challenges and posting artwork centered upon inspiration from readings (or whatever ideas we may have cooking). I'm going to post the first Read / Draw challenge (have a cooler name for this?) after this post, but I figure we can have a weekly challenge up on Monday. Spend the week reading whatever is recommended, sketch on it and post some of your favorites by Monday. Then we look and enjoy and go on to the next week's event. Sound good? We can start with some short stories possibly, and even break things down to themes (ie: robotic farm animals) for a break. We can do N. E. Thing.

As far as other postings, let's see what inspires you, either more stuff from things you are reading or from any bit of intake you have. For example, say you think the new King Kong was done totally wrong, then show us your way of dong it.

I know blogger states in their license agreement that the individual who posts holds copyright over the content of their posts, unless otherwise stated. I'd like to re-emphasize this, that this is our public forum but whatever we create and put here is ours unless we choose otherwise. I'm not worried about us, but since this is a publicly available site we may attract looky-loos. Only post what you feel comfortable sharing (and feel free to mark your work © 2006 Whoever Done Did It).

If your readings are illustrated or you know of other illustrations of similar matter, try to avoid them if you can. Depending on what works we're already familiar with we may have a bias when depicting certain themes of work. That's ok, just try to find some fresh perspectives and explode your mind. We may want to refer to other artist's work too as style resources. All of this is ok, just tread lightly and don't let someone elses work over influence what you bring to post.

Also, so far I think it's just the four of us, but there's no reason why we can't expand this. It would be cool to keep this thing FOAF based (friend of a friend), but there may be exceptions or we might change our minds completely (exploded!). Share this blog around if you like and if someone wants in, let us know.

As fer now, I have to go collect my roommate's car but I will be back by 11pm, 11:30pmish with the first Read/Draw challenge. No hints, unless you are Tom and already know. Pants!

I may have forgotten something, if so I'll post more with the challenge. Thanks!


Blogger Sean said...

Wow. We just talked about this 2 days ago and it's already happening. Not even Stalin was this brutaly efficient.

12:01 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

prepare to embark on a slash and burn campaign of artistic conquest.

8:32 AM  
Blogger :: smo :: said...

everyone talks about the weather...we just built a weather machine!

11:59 AM  

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