Monday, April 17, 2006

Solomon Kane vs. the wimpy ghost

Here's some Kane vs. ghost action for you. This is after Solomon Kane realizes courage is the weapon to defeat his foe and he takes him on bare handed. I did some other versions of the demon/ghost a few weeks ago that were more ghostish or more beastly, but settled into this as I was putting down their poses. It's a start!

Here's a costume sketch for Pluto from the Rape of Proserpine too,

I was thinking of the Roman armored Dragon warrior guy I did a while back for his costume, gave him a raven feathered cloak and such too. His body is kind of compacted. I'm going to do some more with these stories too, at least some more versions of Pluto. I really want to draw Ceres and Hecate.

Also, I was talking to Tom a bit ago and since everybody is kind of in a busy phase right now I won't offer up a new challenge for a bit. Instead, see if you can develop further on some of the things we've already done or try something new with the readings we have on the table when you're able. Or, just submit what you like from wherever. Thanks!


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peter i love that jumping punch

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