Monday, March 13, 2006

Challenge no.2: The Dragon's Teeth

Ok, here's the new thing. The Dragon's Teeth by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Get it here! I couldn't resist... the webpage is called Tales of Wysardry! Anyways, The Dragon's Teeth is from Hawthorne's collection called Tanglewood Tales, for girls and boys. Hawthorne took a handful of classic Greek myths and Christianized them for his young puritanesque readers. The stories are great interpretations. I'd reccomend reading the whole thing anyways, since the book is short. You should read more Hawthorne regardless of the case.

To get ahead of myself some, I think next week we may try some more myth stuff (I can pull from The Metamorphoses or the Theogony), and after that we should do some adventure stories by Robert E. Howard (some Solomon Kane or Conan).

So, read and draw by next Sunday! And show us your Egyptian Horrors!


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