Monday, March 20, 2006

Challenge 2 - pile of dragon teeth!

After reading the story I tried to render the dragon in a few ways. Instead of doing a straight up dragon (with limbs and such) I wanted to draw some wyrms. Above is the first attempt, with the beginnings of a scene.

Here are some other ideas. I was trying to make the mouth as large as possible so that the dragon could be swallowing Cadmus's pals whole. I should have included a soldier for scale or something... Anyways, the skullish one is sort of weird (a little too grimey for this story) but I like the one with the jackal/fox face. I think I rotated the snout wrong for that angle though and didn't bother fixing it. Onward to the spawn of the dragon's teeth!

Firstly I was thinking of doing some sort of clearly half dragon man as the dragon spawn but I wanted to take a break from things monstrous. After all, if these guys babysat for Cadmus they would probably have had an easier time looking more human like. Hopefully a fang or two and a mean haircut will be dragon enough. Here I also brought out my Gardner's Art of the Ages book from Art History to refer to some Roman-ish armor. I was looking mainly at a sculpture of Augustus from 20 B.C. His waist seems unresolved... maybe some sort of belt would help.

These scans look weirder than usual with the page tiling. Lame.


Blogger Sean said...

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12:16 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Ooops... accidentally deleted the comment so here it is again.

I really like the first drawing where the dragon is part tree. That is unbelievably sweet. I prefer the other two dragon heads to the first one though. Also, good job of capturing a hardened semi-soulless warrior.

Excellent as always Petoria!

12:19 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Thanks Sean! When I was doing the first dragon's head I ended up giving it the same shape construction as my evil spider's head (a point down pentagon, with a chin). I think I had too many cobwebs in the brain...

The second dragon's head (skullish one) reminded me of the new black dragons from DnD 3rd edition. They have a nasty emaciated skull face. I was thinking of horse skulls, but didn't do anything faithful reproductionwise.

3:56 PM  

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